Friday, March 29, 2013

Channeling Preppy Right Now

Ok, for some reason I went shopping this past week and bought nothing but buttons ups and polka dots! Whaaaat? I haven't been this preppy since I was allowed to my mother's credit card. It was longer ago than my sisters think. I even had a dream about sail boats and Nantucket. Creeepy. Ralph and Tommy, get out of my head.

I've been buying for Tomboy company lately and it's been a blast. Love their concept. Usually I'm a chameleon and I dress like where I am going. It's not on purpose. When I wake up (my brain turns on at noon) and I'm getting ready for either Nike, Wildfang or a personal client, I end up looking like the brand or the people that work there. I don't even do it consciously. This doesn't happen all the time of course. Some days, as some of my friends know, there is NO excuse/reason/methodology to what I am wearing other than... I Liked It. :) And that my friends, can only be explained by God. I crazy myself out sometime.

Woah... Got side tracked. I fly to LA this upcoming week for a buying trip. Yippeeeeeee. So stoked.

Loves you!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Barcelona or Bust

Hi Lovies,

Right before thanksgiving I was whisked off to Barcelona Spain to Style a Run Way Show and Presentation for Nike Inc. Global Women's Training. It. was. magical. Nike is spoiling me. I spent 5 days dressing, styling and reviewing model looks for Central Europe's Sales Meeting. Over 400+ in attendance. I was lucky enough to hang carry over the BEST of the best of Global Women Trainings samples to show them off!

Here I am sewing the VOLT (florescent yellow) hair bands the models used in the presentation for a color pop!
Me and my lovely Models from Holland. So much better than any models I have worked with in Portland thus far. Cannot wait till I can hire them and fly them out!!
Here is one the models who is not in the picture but was amazing to work with- AMAZING
Check her out

My Packing for the trip....

Waiting for the training in the rain...
Friends I met on the train... Had to use google translate in order to communicate :)
Sagrada Familia
A little street art. I have no idea what this means and apologize if its bad. hehe
Tapas- couldn't quite order the meat sitting right in front of me that she is slowly slicing off the leg. hmmm Makes you think.

Until next time :)

And that's all she wrote. I hear there is Brazil in the works for March. Stay Tuned.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Re-Inventing The Wheel

I was gazing through Free People's new London Edition mag that just got delivered. If we're (me) being honest, my love for Free People has died and so has their taste. It was like hippie and homeless met urban trendy that got stuck in the 70's. Does any of that sound pleasant to you? Basically, they are replicating Goodwill and the prices aren't as good and they aren't finding the Goooods...

I am all about fashion trends re-inventing themselves throughout time. Here are a few of my favorite trends that are circling around the block again (in a good way). I also HIGHLY encourage you to embrace them!! I am obsessed with the high waist-ed pant that Marilyn Monroe rocked so effortlessly back in the day.

I also rock a few rompers that originate from the early 1900's and seem to be coming back with vengeance.
 A few things to pay attention to on both these styles are:

1. The RIDE UP- front and back-No Camel Toe Please... yes, I said it. I always recommend wearing a boyfriend fit, silk, underwear with these looks- it helps avoid ride up and provides that extra smooth texture to help with our not so favorite areas. 
2. How TIGHT- The less fitted, the better the draping- depending on how comfortable you are with your stomach ("tire") area. You do not want to accentuate. I do not recommend wearing very fitted versions of these outfits unless you have a more slender stature. 
3. Sizing is different. These pieces are never meant to be low rise or the waist below your belly button. It's your true waist line, not your hips. 

I hope these tips and ideas help you branch out and bring out your inner Marilyn.



Monday, April 30, 2012

Scarf it up!

Even though scarf season is almost over, not in Portland however, I am going to show some fun ways to tie your scarf. So, scarf it up.

I have become more than obsessed with an Etsy designer Three Bird Nest. She sells some of the most adorable scarfs that are displayed below. I have a bigger than small problem with scarfs. I may or may not have a small collection of every scarf you can think of. 
I am in LOVE with bow scarfs. Seeing that my neck has serious insecurities and likes to be covered up 90% of time, I have to get creative. 
These are the tuck and puff scarfs. Just wrap them around your and tuck the end into the scarf and then puff up the edges. The tuck and puff.. get it? heh
The hanker-chef scarf. The tip of the triangle needs to face down and then tie the other two end behind your neck in a knot.  

Boom shakalaka- there ya go. Scarfs add so much to outfits. Try to mix up patterns like a polka dot sweater and strip scarf of stripe sweater with a floral scarf. 

Happy Monday!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Magic

I have been asked to put my outfits on the blog from time to time and I have always been hesitant to do this but I cannot ignore the requests of my wonderful readers so here we go!
Here is what I scrapped together for today. The whole look sorta evolved from the shoes which are magical and are at Forever 21 for 22.90! I freaked out when I saw them. I am wearing my fav Paige skinny jeans, a silk scarf from Florence, an old lace Limited silk top, I little house on the prairied my hair and my earrings are Seaworthy and can be bought at Sweet Jayne for $32.00~

Happy Monday!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to dress in Vegas

Since I just returned from a buying trip to Vegas and was horrified by what I saw... I thought it was best to show a few looks I feel are classy and Vegas style.

Here is what I would suggest for clubbing at an upscale club like Tao or Tryst
Cute sequin dress and off the shoulder 

The most simple black dress- all it needs is a rocking necklace. ASOS for  approx $45.00

Just add this Kendra Scott necklace to this black dress with some gold pumps and you are golden!

Kendra Scott 'Addy' Rose Bib Necklace

If you are going to a show like 'O' Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio then I would wear this....

Vince Silk Georgette Tunic


Trouve Lace Tee with Jeans and some fun pumps!
I hope this gives you some guidance for the next time you visit the city of bling!!! Just remember there is always a way to be sexy and classy! I have seen one too many girls with there butt cheeks hanging out and there boobs slopping everywhere and you just don't need to go that far to feel sexy and beautiful. You should go shorter and lower than home but not too short and not too low cut. 

Loves you!


Me and the owner of Sweet Jayne Boutique, Blair Wolf, in Vegas!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Undeniable Denim Jacket

Emmy, Thank you for the GREAT question. Here are some of the best styles of jean jackets and where you can find them! Of course I start with Nordstrom KUT brand. When you have a tailored jean jacket like this- pairing it with a flowy dress is the best way to go. You could also wear a shorter floral dress with cowboy books in Summer! To be completely honest and transparent. Denim jackets are not my favorite look in the whole world. What I mean by that is that I don't hate them but I certainly don't wear them. Just a personal preference. I do however wear button ups that look like denim but are cloth, these are commonly known as a chambray shirt and now you can find almost anywhere. I'll show you some examples shortly. 

KUT from the Kloth Denim Jacket

J Brand Denim Jacket

My preferred method of wearing denim on the top half is....

Shoft-Wash Denim Shirt at Banana Republic

     TrouvĂ© Faded Denim Shirt


When you layer jean shirts on the top half it makes it blend in more verses being a staple piece. This allows you to try and pair with denim pants as well. Often times impossible to do but it has been done. 

If you have more denim questions please write in or schedule an appointment. Denim is a good one on one appointment walking through stores and describing washes so that you can get an idea of how the looks blend together. 

Here is one tip: If you chose a denim shirt layer as opposed to a denim jacket then you can look at the shirt as a color not a change in fabric. Wouldn't you wear a sky blue shirt with a dirty dark blue jean wash with holes? I certainly would- so why wouldn't you wear that denim shirt with that? Layering that denim shirt with a cardigan is brilliant as well. 

Now everyone lets repeat the denim pledge of allegiance. 

I ______ (name) pledge allegiance to the style world and with that will never wear a denim jacket, with a similar color denim pant on any circumstance, no matter my age, with out confirming with said stylist. Some exceptions are made with approval. 


Love you all. Can't wait for more questions!!